Friday, July 29, 2011



That was my inital reaction upon seeing the new football uniforms Oklahoma State University will be wearing for the coming season.

And after some more reflection, several more adjectives come to mind. None of them, mind you, are the least bit positive.

I have never been a big fan of OSU's uniforms. That were okay, but nothing great. I did think the black uniforms were cool, especially with black helmets. Those were worn on special occasions.

Let the Oregons of the world were the silly uniforms. OSU did not need them. But unfortunately, Nike stormed into town and provided the Cowboys with 48 different color combinations.

Does a football team need 48 different uniform combos? I think not. Look at OU. The Sooners have worn the same uniforms since back in the 1960s. They are classics.

OSU has switched uniforms and logos, almost like they could not decide on a look. The last act is the worst.

The Cowboys should wear orange shirts at home with white helmets and pants. I even liked the orange shirts and pants. On the road, all white will do. Go for the black look for big games.

Slate gray?

When did that become a school color?

If Nike wants to provide uniforms, that's great. But please go back to the old ones.

This is not a good move. Yeah, it provided some publicity. But in a bad way, at least the way I see it. Since when does a football team want to resemble a fashion show?

And if OSU ever wears anything resembling the Oregon uniforms that make me want to yack, the channel is changed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Not a good sign

I was at the local Walmart yesterday for some insane reason of my wife, and managed to escape long enough to check out the magazine and book section.

The football magazines are starting to fill up space in a quick manner.

Without putting a whole lot of effort into it, I glanced at three different magazines and saw each one had a different pick for national champions.

First off, I think it is ridiculous to pick a national champion in the summer before a game has been played. Same deal with the rankings.

But they do encourage people to read and BUY the magazines, and also gave me something to write about, not that I need a whole lot of prompting.

The three teams predicted to win national championships are Oklahoma, Alabama and LSU.

All three teams have a lot of potential and talent returning, but I would have to say there are some 10 teams capable of winning the national championship and while I hope OU brings home the gold, I have some doubts of that happening.

First off, the Sooners' defense has to start dominating its opponents like they did in Bob Stoops' early years. The loss of Austin Box will not help. Plus, they need to perform better in away games. Yeah, they did close out the year with wins at Baylor and Oklahoma State, plus the Fiesta Bowl win over UCONN.

But their road performances prior to that time were not exactly overwhelming. Plus, OU will have to win on the road at Florida State, in Dallas against Texas and in Stillwater again, because of some scheduling snafu. Plus, there is a road game late at an improving Baylor team for the second straight year, along with trips north to Kansas and Kansas State.

The Sooners do get Texas Tech and Texas A&M, along with Missouri at home.

It will be interesting to see if the loss of the Big 12 championship game has any effect on the chances of playing for a national championship. The shootout at OSU is on the date of the other conference games so the Sooners should be in the headlines.

But it is never easy for the Sooners to win at OSU. And the weather will probably be brutal on that date with the wind blowing 40 mph and wind chills nearing 0.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Welcome to the oksportsreview blog.

This is the first day has published. As you can tell, the website is brand new and there is a lot of work yet to be done.

But hopefully you will like what you see in the early stages of my latest project. We hope to have links to stories about Oklahoma pro, college and high school sports, along with original content.

To make the site, successful, we need your help. If you see a story online about any sporting event or person in Oklahoma, send the link by email to

In addition to linked stories, there will be exclusive content and photographs, along with the biggest feature of the site: scores to all the Oklahoma football games ever played.

No, I don't have those scores yet. But with your help, I hope to eventually have most of them. Last year, I was checking out websites and saw one from Texas that had a bunch of their scores and that really impressed me.

When I first started the website, it was going to be called and was just going to have the old scores. But I had a brain surge and while trying to think of ways to improve the site, I thought it would be cool to have links just to Oklahoma sporting events involving professional, college and high schools, and not to limit it just to football.

So now if you see a story concerning any sport or would like to submit a story about an event, send an email to the address listed above.

This will be a project that will grow steadily. A person can't climb a big mountain in one day, or build a website with this much content. But we hope you enjoy the site and share with friends, family or anybody you think might be interested.