Friday, July 29, 2011



That was my inital reaction upon seeing the new football uniforms Oklahoma State University will be wearing for the coming season.

And after some more reflection, several more adjectives come to mind. None of them, mind you, are the least bit positive.

I have never been a big fan of OSU's uniforms. That were okay, but nothing great. I did think the black uniforms were cool, especially with black helmets. Those were worn on special occasions.

Let the Oregons of the world were the silly uniforms. OSU did not need them. But unfortunately, Nike stormed into town and provided the Cowboys with 48 different color combinations.

Does a football team need 48 different uniform combos? I think not. Look at OU. The Sooners have worn the same uniforms since back in the 1960s. They are classics.

OSU has switched uniforms and logos, almost like they could not decide on a look. The last act is the worst.

The Cowboys should wear orange shirts at home with white helmets and pants. I even liked the orange shirts and pants. On the road, all white will do. Go for the black look for big games.

Slate gray?

When did that become a school color?

If Nike wants to provide uniforms, that's great. But please go back to the old ones.

This is not a good move. Yeah, it provided some publicity. But in a bad way, at least the way I see it. Since when does a football team want to resemble a fashion show?

And if OSU ever wears anything resembling the Oregon uniforms that make me want to yack, the channel is changed.

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