Monday, August 15, 2011

Gig this

Farewell Nebraska.

So long, Colorado.

Get outta here, A&M. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

All dressed up and nowhere to go for Texas A&M. Nice move, Aggies. All ready to go to the prom with SEC, only one big problem: your date, the SEC, doesn’t want you.

Gig that.

Talk about your Aggie joke. I have an idea for all the Big 12 conference big dogs—Dump A&M.

It’s obvious Texas A&M doesn’t want to be in the conference. Be proactive! Kick them out.

Go with nine teams, or bring in BYU and Air Force in the north and TCU or Houston in the south.

That will put the conference back to 12 teams and will also give the conference the playoff game once again.

But that is something to be worried about later. The first thing the Big 12 needs to do is to stop fretting over A&M. The Aggies don’t want to be in the conference so make it happen.

Don’t wait for A&M to leave…do it for them.

Personally, I like the way the conference is set up now with nine teams so everybody plays everybody. I was never a big fan of the mix-and-match scheduling as it always gave somebody an advantage.

Eight teams works pretty well. I seem to recall the Big 8 had some pretty good runs. That would give all the conference schools seven conference games and plenty of non-conference games to play all the directional schools and pick up some wins and revenue from home games.

Dumping A&M won’t happen, of course. But it should. Think how happy TCU, Houston, Air Force or Tulsa would be to join the Big 12.

And what would the conference lose? A so-so football team, good basketball and baseball, along with an awesome band.

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