Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OU, Texas fans off to early start

Hey guys and gals!

Let’s put on a shirt for our favorite college athletic team and go out and fight a fan from another school!

Wear that Oklahoma shirt (nothing wrong with that) deep into the heart of Texas and let’s get involved in an argument that might evolve into fisticuffs and maybe more.

Sounds fun, huh? Just to make it better, let’s take a knife to inflict even more damage.

Yeah, sure beats staying home and watching whatever crud is on television.

Okay, that probably wasn’t planned, and if it was, whoever thought this is how an adult should spend an evening needs to be locked up at the nearest nut house. How about it, Vinita? Got any beds open?

That is what happened in a San Antonio Applebee’s where a Sooner and Longhorn got the Red River Rivalry going approximately two months early.

The two men started arguing about college football. It escalated to something more. My bet is a Brutus or two was involved.

Not content to merely discuss college football, a fight broke out. The OU fan reportedly pulled a knife (way to represent!) and both men wound up stabbed from the fight and visited a local hospital.

According to the report, neither man has been charged.


Please do, however, Texas police officers and district attorney. Charge them, throw the book at them. Maybe this will teach some nut out there a lesson

This is even worse than the OU fan who got into it in Oklahoma City a few years ago and damaged a Texas fan’s genital region.

I am all for supporting your favorite team. Wear the attire, shout at the television when things go bad. Maybe even write bad stuff about your rivals on a forum.

But that is where it needs to stop. Don’t try to knife somebody because they support a different school. Never grab another guy’s baggage and squeeze until something pops that should not pop over who you think has a better football team.

This is a sport, a little diversion from the rest of life. Who wins a football game really has no impact on your life. If your team wins, great. If they don’t, move on. There is always next week or next year.

I know, football is considered a religion in these parts. Fine. But don’t let those feelings make you resemble the people involved in terrorism or shooting another person because their belief is different than your own.

Even if there is football involved.

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